Melton Masters Swimming Club

Membership is open to people who are 18 years or older and allows members to train and compete in club, branch and national Masters events. Swimmers wishing to compete at FINA level events must have reached the age of 25 years.

Masters Swimming is an organisation for members to enjoy the exercise of swimming under the guidance of qualified coaches. Some swimmers join masters simply for the fitness and friendship, others join for the competition available through the many swim meets conducted throughout Australia.

Masters Swimming Australia is an organisation for adult swimming clubs around Australia. Masters Swimming Victoria is affiliated with Masters Swimming Australia whose members swim regularly to keep fit and have fun. Masters Swimming Australia is affiliated with FINA, the international swimming body through Swimming Australia. The motto of Masters Swimming is “Fitness, Friendship and Fun”.

Most members swim for fitness and health, it’s certainly not all about competition. The beauty is you can make of it what you want. Set yourself a goal and go for it!

If you like to compete in swim meets, there are plenty of inter-club meets each year plus there are fun pop-up events.